Immigrant Visa Cut-off Dates at the Beginning of the new Fiscal year

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Immigrant Visa Cut-off Dates at the Beginning of the new Fiscal year
October 1st is the beginning of the new fiscal year for the government and people look forward to some improvement in the immigrant visa cut off dates. This year, the October dates are satisfactory. All categories gain at least 2 weeks.
Petitions that a US citizen files for his spouse, minor child or parent are always current. That means there is no waiting time for these petitions to be eligible for immigrant visa processing. For all other kinds of petitions, there is a waiting time and the length of the wait depends on the immigrant visa cut-off date. The cut-off date determines when a petition is eligible for visa processing.
A visa can be issued if the petition was filed at any time before the cut-off date. For example, in October, the cut-off date for F1 visas for adult single children of a US citizen will be 15 June 2004. That means that petitions received by CIS before 15 June 2004 are eligible for visa processing. Petitions in this category that were filed on 15 June 2004 or later must wait until the cut-off date moves forward.
The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) sets an annual minimum of family-sponsored visas at 226,000. The INA also says that each country is limited to 7% of the total annual limit, or 25,620 visas.
In addition, there are also world wide limits in each category of visas. In the F1 category for Unmarried Sons and Daughters of Citizens, the world wide limit is 23,400 visas per year. The world wide limit for Spouses and Children, and Unmarried Sons and Daughters of Permanent Residents is 114,200 visas.
It is not possible for the State Department to predict how the cut-off dates will move in future. It depends on exactly how many people will apply and how many will be approved. 
Q.1. My son’s petition is current now but he hasn’t got an interview date yet. Can I ask the Consulate to schedule him for an interview before he turns 21 in December?
A.1. NVC is responsible for issuing the interview dates. If they have not contacted you by now about the interview, you should check with the US Consulate in Saigon to see if they have received the petition from NVC. Send an email to the Consulate at
There is no need for concern because if your son is not interviewed before he’s 21, he will very likely be eligible for CSPA processing.
Q.2. My daughter was interviewed and approved last week. Now the Consulate says there are no visas available. What does that mean? When can she come to America ?
A.2. This means that the visas in your daughter’s category have been used up. She will be able to come to America when more visas are available. This is usually a wait of 2 or 3 months.
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A permanent resident who has remained outside the United States for longer than one year, or beyond the validity period of a Re-entry Permit, will require a new immigrant visa to enter the United States and resume permanent residence. There is a returning resident special immigrant visa called the SB-1.
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The State Department has told all consulates that they could return petitions to CIS in the US only if they had good reason to do so. This means that the consular officer must have some information that was not available when CIS approved the petition.
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In the United States, if we look at Mr. Obama’s Presidential Job Approval Ratings, we see that in May this year, only 51% of Americans were satisfied with his work. His approval ratings from January 2009 till now have an average rating of only 47%.
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In October 2009, the President signed a new law that allows eligible widows or widowers of U.S. citizens to qualify for permanent resident status regardless of how long the couple was married. Repeat,regardless of how long the couple was married.
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President Obama is facing the very real possibility of a deadlock at the Supreme Court.
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On a recent show, we talked about residence requirements for Naturalization purposes.
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Every year, we bring you an update of visa activities at the US Consulate General in Saigon.
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During the first week of April, over 100,000 hopeful job seekers will send their H1-B applications to USCIS. CIS will return the forms and fees to more than 40,000 of these applicants.
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There are a number of requirements you have to meet in order to qualify for U.S. citizenship. Among the most complicated of these are the residency requirements, which look at how long you've been living in the U.S. and your immigration status during that time.
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On February 25, 2016, US CIS provided new guidance in the USCIS Policy Manual on the general policies and procedures for adjustment of status to lawful permanent residence.