Illegal immigrants allowed to practice law in California

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Illegal immigrants allowed to practice law in California
Earlier this month, Governor Jerry Brown signed eight bills into law for the purpose of expanding the rights of illegal immigrants. According to one of the new bills, illegal immigrants can now be licensed to practice law in California. The new law says that the California Supreme Court is authorized to approve qualified attorneys regardless of their immigration status. These illegal alien attorneys have broken the law by being present in the US, but they are now being allowed to swear to uphold the laws of the United States.

Governor Brown said that he is not waiting for Washington to pass new laws on immigration. He is doing it now.

The new laws, including the one letting illegal immigrants become lawyers, could set a precedent for the nation. They are part of a push to increase immigrant rights in the strongly Democratic state of California. 

Of the 38 million people who live in California, about 14.5 million are of Hispanic descent. A study by the University of Southern California has found that more than 2.6 million illegal immigrants, most of them Latinos, are living in California.
Governor Brown also signed a law making illegal immigrants eligible to apply for drivers licenses beginning in 2015. California expects 1.4 million illegal immigrants to apply for licenses.
Assemblyman Luis Alejo, a Democrat from Watsonville, said the new laws illustrate the change in California over the last 20 years. Alejo said that California is doing what it can at the state level because there has not been any immigration reform by the U.S. Congress.
Earlier this year, the Democratic-led U.S. Senate approved a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants living in the United States illegally, but the Republican-controlled House of Representatives is unlikely to agree.

Illegal immigrants can also thank Governor Brown for the California state DREAM Act. It allows students who are in the country illegally to access a variety of state-funded college tuition financial aid. Assistance such as community college fee waivers, Cal Grants and similar aid is now open to illegal residents, with awards of up to $12,200 a year for low- and middle-income students.
California’s Legislative Analysis Office reports that the law will likely cost Californians $65 million a year by 2016. Critics say the law rewards breaking the rules and is an insult to foreign students who enter the country legally.
“We should reward those who respect our process instead of creating new incentives for those who don’t,” Republican Assemblyman Tim Donnelly said. He said that the law will take away money from students who are U.S. citizens, and that it goes against the wishes of 55 per cent of the California voters.

 Illegal immigrants in California are eligible for reduced in-state tuition at campuses statewide, while US citizen students who move to California from other states must wait in order to qualify for in-state tuition.

 The California DREAM Act provisions offer tuition breaks to any student who has attended a California high school for three years, regardless of their immigration status. As of Jan. 1, 2012, illegal immigrants were granted access to private college scholarships that are available through public universities.

 A spokeswoman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, said that these DREAM Act provisions are a reckless use of taxpayer money. Republican Assemblyman Curt Hagman said “it absolutely sends the wrong message. It says if you violate the law, it’s OK.”

Q.1. Is Congress considering any new laws that would be helpful financially to foreign students coming to America?
A.1. Congress assumes that foreign students come from families that can afford the costs of a US education, so there will not be any new laws to help them.

Q.2. Are the new bills signed into law by Governor Brown based on humanitarian concerns or on politics?
A.2. For more than one hundred years, almost all immigration legislation in America has been based on political concerns. California legislators simply follow the demands of the Hispanic voters in the state.

Q.3. What is the current status of the immigration reform proposals in Congress?
A.3 It looks like there is not much chance of reform this year. There is still bitter debate in Congress, especially about a path to citizenship for the 11 million illegal aliens in the US. And the government shutdown certainly took peoples’ minds off immigration reform.


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